Hyper v wan issue 2.3

  • hi guys i just installed the new pfsense 2.3 this is my current setup

    cisco 2851 router/pppe to pfsense for a firewall  i got no internet access on the lan . but the hyper v servers has ? does anyone know how to fix this issue please?

    https://gyazo.com/ac479ec71adec4a057521b21d0e06b35 when lan plugged in the switch there no internet access to the network ?

  • Hi, what are you trying to do?  Are you trying to use the virtual pfSense as your externally exposed device, or or as a nested device to segment your network.

    I have done this both ways with vSphere, so guessing just a  little tweaking is needed.  Also what are the IP addresses for your pfSense?

  • i am trying use pfsense for a firewall (segment to my network  ) it goes from cisco 2851 pppe (wan) lan on cisco goes to the wan on the pfsense  (firewall) then the lan from pfsense will go to the windows deployment server (dhcp,dns)ect then to the switch . if anyone got skype please add me joshhopey  or pm me on here and i will be able to show you how it all setup on teamview

  • anyone can help ?

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