Sha256 checksum issue

  • Trying to verify the sha256 checksum using the Mac terminal and it doesn't match what is shown for the checksum on the download page or in the sha256 checksum file.

    The checksum file matches what is shown on the download page.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong here…

    For verifying the sha256 checksum of the downloaded file:

    $ openssl dgst -sha256 pfSense-CE-memstick-2.3.1-RELEASE-amd64.img

    For reading the sha256 checksum file:

    $ cat pfSense-CE-memstick-2.3.1-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz.sha256
    SHA256 (pfSense-CE-memstick-2.3.1-RELEASE-amd64.img.gz) =

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    you check the hash against the gz you download not the img you extract from the gz

  • Thanks, didn't realize it was a .gz file that was being downloaded

    Apparently Safari automatically converts .gz files before placing in the download folder.

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