L2TP/Ipsec for mobile clients with multi-WAN

  • Hello guys,

    I'm tryingto setup a high avilability system with 2 pFsense Boxes (CARP) and 2 WAN Links connected to each box (so that each box can use each of the 2 links).
    In case the main WAN link goes down, I need the cluster to still be reachable from the outside through the backup WAN link via L2TP/Ipsec for mobile clients.
    I've created an Interface Group with the both links, where the faster main link is prefered over the slower backup link. This is working well so far for routing "normal" internet (Http(s)) traffic via firewall rules.
    Unfortunately, under VPN / L2TP –> Interface, it's not possible to select Gateway groups.
    Therefor, if the first WAN goes down, I can't use VPN from the Outside until somebody from the inside changes the L2TP interface to the Backup link...
    Any Ideas how this can be done?


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