Testing memory from within pfSense

  • Is it possible to test memory from within pfSense?

    I had been running pfSense for several months until it crashed three months ago, because of what I thought were memory problems.
    Having now reassembled the system with the same memory and an update to pfSense, the system appears to be working OK, so I wondered if it's possible to do a hardware check whilst pfSense is running…

  • What pfsense version you are using?
    32Bit or 64Bit and what version number please?

    What hardware you are using as system?

    If you are able to realize it I would suggest to boot a Linux life system from USB stick (pen drive) or
    a SATA CD/DVD and run then memtest from there, to be sure it is not something affected by the pfSense
    system it self.

  • Hi Frank!

    I would like to try testing my memory and disk drive this way.  I'm running an sg-2440 with internal M600 SATA drive.  Since this hardware does not have video and only one extra USB port, what version of pen-linux do you recommend?  And, how do I attach to the booted system?  I am familiar with using putty and communicating with the sg-2440 and I'm assuming that the pen-linux system you are recommending will need to be pre-setup to use a comm port????

    Thanks for the pointers!!!


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