Shuttle XS35 V3 (with Intel Atom D2700)

  • Hi All,

    I have an unused Shuttle XS35 V3, which comes with an Intel Atom D2700 (dual core, 2.13GHz) cpu, and am wondering how much I would be able to pass through it using pfSense and VLAN based routing (it only has a single GigE port and built-in WiFi)

    Does anyone have experience with the Atom D2700 or a close relative?

  • Hiya..

    I have a D2700 board hooked up to an XS4ALL FttH link. It does PPPoE over VLAN at approx. 500 Mbit/s.

    When you don't use PPPoE it will save you some performance, this unit does have 2 cards. The internal PCIe and a 32bit PCI NIC. I do think that the performance on the PCI NIC might actually make it worse because of the interrupt handling.

    Anyhow, expect around 500Mbit/s with VLAN and PPPoE.

  • Thanks, that'll do nicely for my setup until they finally get round to fiber!

    (I have a XS4All VDSL on bad copper - ie 25/2.5 max - and a Ziggo cable - at approx 60/6 - for redundancy and use pfSense to do loadbalancing and failover)

  • Trying to boot from the built-in SD card reader, but it aborts with an error 19:
    Mounting from ufs:/dev/ufs/pfsense1 failed with error 19

    Mountroot doesn't see any GEOM managed drives, and when trying to install to it form a usb, it also doesn't see it… Anything I can do to make it work, or am I out of luck on the built in SD reader?

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