VNC Connection to DMZ through pfSense

  • Hi All,

    New to these forums, so hopefully I've got the correct subforum! :)

    I'm running pfSense at home to protect my Personal network (which connects via AirVPN for the internet).
        However on the other side of this firewall is my family's home network, in which is a windows machine running TightVNC server.

    I need to poke a hole from my Personal network, through the pfSense box and straight to this server, I suspect some of the routing might need tweaking too.

    My Personal Network (LAN) is on :
        My Family's Network (DMZ) is on :
        The TightVNC server static IP is:
        pfSense LAN (Personal Network) IP:
        pfSense WAN (Family Network) IP:
        ISP Gateway (Family Network) IP:

    At the moment, pfSense is routing all valid traffic that is not on my Personal Network out over the VPN. There are rules in place to stop things going out that shouldn't.
        See attachments

    Could someone more knowledgeable than I, advise what I need to change (at the moment I can't even ping the VNC server) in order to get this to work?

    Many Thanks


  • Just for clarification, I've attached a pic of my network setup.
    I can't ping or otherwise access anything in the DMZ from the LAN (except strangely my Internet GW box - both ping and the webui)

    I'm obviously missing a pass rule somewhere but it's eluding me.



  • I amanaged to get this sorted by creating an Outbound NAT rule from to

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