FreeRADIUS package or standalone

  • Hi guys,

    I'm looking into FreeRADIUS for my network and am wondering if I should stick with the 2.x package for pfSense or if I should a VM with version 3 as a standalone. I'm trying to determine I get the same level of functionality if I go with the standalone version.

    I would hold out for a 3.x package but it doesn't seem like there's any real traction.

    Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    the pfsense freeradius packe is based on the lastest 2.2.9 version. This version will not get any feature improvements anymore, only security updates. This is what is saying.
    Further the freeradius2 package on pfsense or better the WebUI was built to do some of the freeradius work via the WebUI. Of course there are much more functions you can do via the plain config files.

    So you should probably have to decide:

    Are the features on the pfsense freeradius2 package are enough for your needs? Are you able to configure everything on the WebUI you need? If this is the fact you should have no problem with the pfsense package.

    BUT if you need features which are not in the WebUI or you have to do much configuration changes on the config files of pfsense's freeradius the you probably can do tzhe same work on a VM running the very latest freeradius3.

    Because there are so many configuration changes between freeradius2 and freeradius3 it would take much time to develope a new freeradius package. I think this is the main reason why nobody is doing the work on this package and as long as it is supported ans gets new security fixes it will do its job.

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