Two Public Networks with ISP Modem in bridge mode.

  • Hi Everybody,

    my ISP assigned two public networks to me.
    They said to me, the modem that they send to me is configured to bridge mode.

    Im dailing in over pfSense PPPoE. The PPPoE connection is automatic getting a dynamic gateway assigned.

    My PPPoE Network/IP Address is As said, the gateway address is dynamic and automatically assigned during the dial in process.
    So the "WAN Address" is always

    The second network that my ISP assigned to me is
    My ISP told me, that the Gateway for that Network is
    But i cant ping that Gateway

    The address are configured as Virtual IPs and are working fine for Outbound NAT and incoming connections. (Over the Dynamic assigned Gateway of my PPPoE connection).

    I dont want to use the "normal" PPPoE WAN Address
    How can i configure pfSense to get over the Gateway If i set the Gateway manually pfSense always marks the Gateway as "down". And there is no connection to the Internet.

    Is the routing maybe not configured correct on the ISP site?
    I think the gateway for my /29 network should be pingable or shouldnt it?

    I want pfSense to use as "WAN Address".. How can i realise that?
    Is that even possible?

    I would appreciate every help and hints pointing me in the right direction..

    Thank you and greets,

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