Two WAN , one DHCP config and other not DHCP , PFsense use always DHCP

  • I have PFsense 2.3.1_5 box , I have two WAN ,

    WAN1 has DHCP conf  and it send IP to PFSense with DHCP method.

    WAN2 has static IP , and it send IP to PFSense . (non DHCP)

    I setup Failover and LoadBalance on PFSense .
    everything work good ,
    I do not know why PFSense box use all time WAN1 and use WAN2 sometimes .
    I want my PFSense box use WAN2 as Default Gateways.
    at LoadBalance config is set same Tier1 for two WANs
    but My PFSense use WAN1 as default
    I want PFSense use WAN2 as Default WAN.
    I think WAN with DHCP conf , choose first by PFSense Box

  • Any idea and help
    I think load balance has error ?
    I installed squid with transparent mode , Can squid make problem ?
    I use PFSense 2.3.1_5
    Please help me

  • My English is not good ,
    Is my questions clear?

    I need help about this problem . WAN1 eat all of my bandwidth

    my problem do not solve , Please help me

  • Is this can happen because of Weight of ADSL lines ?

  • I need help please
    DHCP, wan , eat all my traffic.

  • Yes, I believe the problem is with SQUID. It won't work with 2 WAN and load balancing. It will route only through Default Gateway.

  • you can change the default gateway at system>>routing

  • @heper:

    you can change the default gateway at system>>routing

    I change default gateway , but pfsense choose always DHCP WAN

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