WOL waking up temperamentally

  • Hello, I am unable to wake up a machine everytime after shutdown.
    WOL does work, however after Shutdown for about 12 hours, WOL will not wake up the computer.

    Wake on lan is enabled. I am able turn on the machine 100% in the LAN and 50% of the time outside the public WAN.

    The WOL command is sent to the public WAN IP.

    I set up port forward to a Broadcast address, as the machine is turned off and has no IP address when turned off.
    Port forward from to to port 9.
    I ran the WOL Terminal command:
    $ wakeonlan -p 9 -i WANIP NICMacAddress

    This is the correct command to start up the machine, however the same error is displayed:
    Unable to connect to VNC server.

    Also, yes, it makes sense that there's no IP when the computer is shutdown, however I'm not clear on how the broadcast reaches the correct address?
    I assume the magic WOL packet is sent to all machines on the network, and this machine with WOL enabled and the correct MAC address will then turn on.
    I do shutdown the computer, however maybe I need to Suspend or Hibernate? I've never used Suspend or Hibernate before, so for now I will continue to use Shutdown.

    I ran a packet capture on the pfSense router on port 9 and this is the output:

    20:28:12.415882 IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxxx > xxx.xxx.xx.xxx.9: UDP, length 102

  • If I understand correctly you are trying to WOL some PC in LAN behind the PF?
    Did you try to use WOL from webgui? You will need to assign static IP for this PC in DHCP server setting.

  • Hello, so LAN works from a Terminal command, temperamentally from the mobile, which connects to the LAN via Wi-Fi. A pfSense packet capture on port 9 and 7 receives no packets, but the mobile WOL worked before?
    Outside the WAN, WOL worked a few times, but never since.

    The network's IP's are, but the pfSense router's Wi-FI IP is, so this may cause confusion on WOL commands from the mobile via Wi-Fi.

    So, the WAN challenge…
    I see WOL packets reaching pfSense. pfSense has port 9 forwarded to
    The packets are not sent through to the NIC's MAC address.

    So, if pfSense doesn't allow port forwarding to the broadcast address, what about a DHCP server or something like that?
    I mean, add the MAC address in a reserve somewhere on pfSense, then any WOL packets sent to the router, can send through?

    Also, any ideas on the mobile WOL packets via the router's Wi-Fi, to the LAN network on

    For the moment, I'm doing a work around by remoting in to machine2, then WOL via the LAN to machine1.

  • WOL does work with Ethernet MAC Adresses.. not with IP…
    You can't wake a PC if you are not in the same physical Subnet...
    Port 9 UDP is used as a relay... but you have to enable some kind of wol proxy as a relay... Portforward will not work

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