Restore config to new device

  • Hi. I currently have an Alix, but want to upgrade to the sg-4860. Can I simply backup my config and restore it to the new device? Thanks.

  • Only if ethernet  hardware changes than you must edit manually xml file before restore, replace network interfaces names with new name. For example if old was Intel em0 and new one is realtek re0 just replace em0 with re0 in xml.

  • I'm not sure if there are only ethernet changes. Is there a pfsense hardware pre sales contact that I could get in touch with?

  • The products page on the main website gives an address and phone number, along with these two email addresses:

    Probably a good place to start.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The only changes will be the physical ethernet interface names.

    There is an interface reassignment routine if you restore a config and the interface names don't match.

    Depending on the complexity of your setup, it might be easier to just edit the config.xml to reflect the new interface names.

    Considering you're dealing with a config file an new hardware you can test it on the bench and see which way works for you prior to deployment.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I'll give it a go.

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