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  • Darkstat is a package that can monitor this. One flaw to it, though, is that it resets its data when the system reboots. But it's good for keeping an eye on who the "big talkers" are on your network.

    You can have it track the destination hosts on the internet as well, but since a computer can talk to hundreds or thousands of hosts a day depending on how active they are, it might be easier to just see how much data your LAN hosts are using rather than also tracking the internet hosts. There's a setting that allows Darkstat to track only the LAN hosts.

    I believe ntopng can do this as well, with persistent data and a flashier interface IIRC (it's been a while since I've used ntopng, so things might have changed)… but at the moment it's only available in the 2.3.2 development builds.

  • Am eagerly awaiting ntopng!

    Really would like to have the ability to track AND document activity of specific users

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