NAT doesn't work to LXC with dual nic

  • Hello everyone.

    I've got a REALLY strange issue (at least to me).

    I'm using Proxmox.
    My LXC container has WAN and LAN.
    My KVM PFSense has WAN and LAN.
    The LXC and PFSense are connected to each other via LAN.

    Now, the issue:
    When I port forward stuff from PFSense to my LXC, it simply doesn't work. Monitoring states, I see CLOSED:SYN_SENT.
    It works fine if I forward to an LXC that only has LAN (no WAN), or if I make the LAN the primary device on my LXC (but then direct access from WAN stops working).

    Is this a problem with Proxmox, my NAT rule, or am I doing something stupid in a fundamental level?

    My NAT rule:

    Thanks in advance!

    If I ssh into pfsense and curl the LXC on port 8080 (which is what I'm forwarding TO), I get back the expected response (html page).
    I can also ping it, telnet the ports I want, etc. The only thing that doesn't work is my bloody NAT rule ):

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