SSL/TLS SMTP notifications not working

  • Hi,

    had conversation with a colleague, who was experiencing issues since a couple of months with non-working notifications.
    Email notification seems to be not working when used with authentication. Works fine without authentication, and we tested with 3 different email providers. Version used to test = 2.3.1_p5

    After some testing, I noticed the password field in the gui always reverted to empty after a save. When checking a backup xml, I saw that node password (under notifications\smtp) is also empty? (no hashed pwd?)

    Dumb question: Could it be that the password simply isn't saved, causing the issue?

  • bump… (if I did something wrong that's also fine, you can tell me  ;))

  • Really sorry guys I'm putting this again and again on top of the thread list, but really seeking an answer to why this isn't working…

  • Added thread to watchlist - will need notifications soon.
    Also - could you capture network traffic / direct to your own (maybe test) mailserver to be sure it attempts to auth with blank password?

  • And in post everything works in 2.3.1