NanoBSD disable serial console redirection / 2.3.1

  • Hi,
    How Can I disable serial console redirection on ALIX (nanobsd) ?
    I want to user serial port for something else.
    I remember that this "check box" was available in previous versions in System=>Advanced=>redirect serial console…

    But in new version... no luck :-(

    loader.conf is overwritten after reboot to default settings.

    cat /boot/loader.conf


  • That option to enable/disable only exists on full installs, serial nano forces serial console on. The difference you're seeing is that 2.3.1+ correctly applies the console config where mismatched during boot. There isn't currently a way of disabling that, short of modifying the source. That wasn't a use case we anticipated, you're the first I've heard of doing that.

  • +1 for this.
    I want to use the single serial port on my device using NanoBSD as a GPS-timed NTP server, and NTP keeps complaining that /dev/cuau0 is busy.
    How to free up the serial port?

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