Issue/bug: Unbound don't restart automatically after the modem got rebooted

  • Hi,

    It was working fine in 2.2.6, and then My pfSense box was upgraded to 2.3.1 a month ago. Earlier this morning, my Rogers bridged modem got a pushed firmware updated, and after the modem got rebooted, we lost access to the internet, and we found that all the other services were working properly, except that the Unbound service is not started. we have to manually restart it to access the internet.

    so we did some tests, turned off the modem then reboot it several times, each time we have to restart the Unbound manually.

    again, It was working fine in 2.2.6.

  • Can you try selecting only the necessary interfaces at Services->DNS Resolver->Network Interfaces. There's usually no reason for Unbound to be listening on the WAN interface.

  • Just tested, the issue/bug still exists even though Unbound didn't listen on the WAN interface.

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