How do i allow traffic between two subnets?

  • I have one interface for every subnet.

    Do i just add a rule that says allow all to & from?

  • PfSense filters on the inbound direction only (floating rules are an exception to this) so you have add rules on each interface involved to pass traffic to the other subnet or subnets.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    if your not worried about any rules, then just copy the default lan rule to your other interfaces which is any any.

    Now pretty much pfsense is just router between your local networks.  And nat/firewall to wan..

    You do not need to set bidirectional rules since pfsense is stateful.  You just need to allow the traffic on the interface it first hits pfsense on, the return traffic will be allowed since there is a state already.  Rules are evaluated top down, first rule to match wins.

    if you have questions on only allowing specific sort of traffic or blocking something specific just ask.

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