FX5620 pair (CARP) crashing with 1.2RC4

  • Hi-

    We have a pair of FX5620s running 1.2RC4 off of CF cards.  They had been stable since last January (uptimes of 150+ days).  Last week I restarted one of them and all hell broke loose.  One or both will crash with a page fault on startup unless I disconnect all the network cables.  After a few minutes I can plug the cables in and it seems to stay up.  I moved the boxes around in my cabinet so that they are in a cooler location.  The only saving grace is that they don't seem to be down at the same time.

    An obvious comment would be to move to 1.2 release, and I will do that at some point.  As RC4 was the final release candidate, I figured they differ only in name.  Is it possible that the hardware got fried during a period when my data center had cooling problems?

    Both devices have been up and running for the past five hours or so, and CARP is working properly.  I don't even want to look at them right now for fear that I will trigger another reboot cycle.


  • first thing that came to mind is running of the CF card….could be bad...But you see both machines do this and you also uplug the nics and it corrects it self. WOW I'm stumped on that one.

    Have you tryed booting from CD? Still need to unplug nics? If not reload you config and try again.