Runnning Snort on pfSense for home PC protection beneficial?

  • I am running pfSense on a controller that sits between my PC and a dsl modem.  I am not sure if installing snort would be of any real/good purpose.  Is snort mostly good for servers only or is it beneficial for home PC protection also?  Thanks.

  • Snort is an IDS system and it can be useful for sure, but it is also not a set up and forget it
    packet and needs also some network skills and/or knowledge about his function and working.

    But there are some books about snort out able to get over and this could be
    useful and helping to get it right working. Some books are older but his elementary knowing
    about snort and how it works will be actual.

    It is not really easy to say you will need it or you get more security into your network but
    if you get it up and running it might be not wrong to have it installed.

  • I think I'll stick with just these two features:

    Block RFC1918 Private Networks
    Block bogon networks

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