Internet help please and thank you

  • I have pfsense installed on a old amd sensations system with a usus mobo, 1GB ram, 40GB IDE HD, amd 1009mhz cpu x86, 2x realtek RTL8160SB N.I.C's. My network schematic looks like this.

    ISP>modem>WLAN>LAN>HUB(switch)>PC  My isp is static
    Ihave set the nic's in setup as re0 Wlan & re1 for LAN

    my ip's are WLAN



    63.2XX.2XX.2XX(isp)prefered dns
    63.2XX.2XX.2XX(isp)alternate dns

    Ok, i can access the G.U.I, But wont load web pages, i can ping my pc from pfsense,but cannot ping pfsense from pc??
    i have enabled net bios over tcp on my pc, Also my Wan led light blinks sometimes but Lan never does, tried fifferent nic's, re-installed pfsense, scoured support pages and googled for hours, So sory if this is a recurring post but i am at loss here. i am not networking or Linux expereinced although i do know a little to get around or understand some things.

    Thank you for your time, experience and patience  i appreciate it ALOT.

  • Sorry BSD Guys i meant UNIX

  • Update i re-installed and auto configured my nic's , and switched my ip's around and now i can ping wan,lan and pc but still no internet ??? i messed around with the firewall settings no web. i checked the status of my connection and i am recieving and sending around 400,000?? What gives?

  • I'm going to assume you mean WAN by WLAN.
    I'm going to take another guess that your Modem is running nat. The first thing you need to do is use a different network for the LAN. If you WAN is on 192.168.1.x, then use 192.168.100.x or something- just don't use the same as the WAN.
    /* begin IP 101 digression
    The devices that are directly reachable from an interface are determined by the IP address and the subnet mask.
    If an interface is set to it means that are reachable from that interface. If the other interface is set to, then it will try to send traffic for out THAT interface. Both interfaces think the same machines are connected to them- this makes the firewall insane and useless.
    end IP 101 digression*/
    If you can get past this point, you might want to do a little more reading to see if you can turn off nat on the modem and get rid of the double-nat.