If cable HE reboots dhcpc6 dies on the WAN and doesnt restart (2.3.1)

  • When my ISP Cox reboots the HE and the WAN goes down. It seems to kill my v6 connectivity. The issue seems to be that dhcpc6 dies and is not restarted until you go to interfaces select WAN and select apply settings without making any changes. I was thinking of making some type of bash script for cron that checks and restarts dhcpc6 when it dies but I'm suspecting there must be an easier way.



  • I think I am having a similar (if not identical) problem.  Not using HE tunnel but I have native v6 from Time Warner Cable.  Dual WAN setup, FIOS on the other WAN.  Sometimes the Time Warner will go down briefly and when it comes back, the WAN2_TWC_DHCP6 interface on the dashboard will say "~ Unknown" in blue.  Yet The V4 is fine.

    Last time this happened, I SSHd into the box and ran ifconfig igb2 down … wait 5 seconds ... ifconfig igb2 up and that fixed everything.

    I was thinking of the cronjob as well to somehow monitor for this situation and automatically restart the service or bounce the interfaces.  But not sure quite what to monitor for.  :/

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    what does dhcpv6 have to do with a HE tunnel - they are static set there is no dhcpv6 to get the tunnel up.

  • I using  this version
    2.3.1-RELEASE-p5 (amd64)
    built on Thu Jun 16 12:53:15 CDT 2016
    FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p3

    i using HE tunnel, it is often happen down with HE IPV6 tunnel, i have not find the reason.

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    I run same 2.3.1-p5 amd64 and HE tunnel is stable as you could ever want.  Only times there are issues with it is when there are issues with my actual ISP connection.

    What tunnel endpoint are you using?  I use the one in Chicago, they have many many other locations.  They have a status page you can look to find the status of any of the tunnels locations.


    Lets see your tunnel quality vs your isp quality..

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