IPSec connection keeps failing

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to allow a user from our internal network to connect to another remote site via VPN. We have confirmed that the VPN works using a mobile connection, however it fails from internal…

    It is using the Cisco VPN client, and the client sent us a profile to import into the VPN client (.pcf file)

    Whenever we try connect to that VPN connection through our network, the username / password windows pops up then dissapears, and the client gives an error:

    Secure VPN connection terminated by Peer.
    Reason 433: (Reason not specified by Peer)

    I can only think its something with our firewall settings, or the network environment.

    We are running an internal network, which goes through the PFSense Gateway, running on a VM which sits on an ESXi platform.

    The last time I had issues configuring VLANS, the Vlan settings on the ESXi host was blocking me... so Im not sure if there is something I need to configure to allow this traffic on the vSwitches for ESXi to allow VPN traffic?

    The VPN client uses IPSec as far as I know...

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