Issues setting up on Vultr

  • Hey all, i am trying to set up different subnets of single ip's with a single wan. I've done this is ESXi fine because i can add another virtual NIC, but now I'm running into issues. I've found the following threads :

    I've added the IP in the Virtual IP's section along with it's subnet (and I've tried setting it up as other, and ip alias), this company gives me a random ip on a random subnet. It accepts it when i hit save, and i apply changes. After this i go to the NAT options, and set up port forwarding to a server working on the LAN network using PFsense as it's gateway. And the port does not forward. Sorry for my lack of terminology. I am a linux admin that's just now starting to dabble into networking.

    As far as version I'm on the newest latest and greatest as i downloaded it last night.

    Thanks a ton all, was up till 4 am beating my head against the wall with google.

  • Update from the Vultr support :

    We do not offer multiple public network adapters. I also don't have a lot of advice for you regarding PFSense. This setup (multiple wans on a single NIC) is handled well by every OS we've tested with (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD). This would seem to be a limitation of PFSense here, but that's not something we can provide support for.

    Which i know is not the case.

  • Sounds like you're doing it right by adding an IP alias type VIP. After you do that, run a constant ping to that VIP. Packet capture on WAN filtered on that IP, and see if it's getting to you. That'll confirm whether or not the VIP is working.

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