Bridge + CARP

  • hi all..

    im trying to setup CARP and Bridge at WAN section using pfsense ver 2.31..
    i setup VIP CARP WAN , Bridge on WAN with RSTP enable (bridge0 = igb1, igb2, igb3)..

    the bridge was OK and capable to do failover between the interface within the bridge..
    the problem occurred when all interface under bridge were down, the bridge it self still UP !

    then i try to make it down manually via devd by adding some command to devd.conf

    notify 100 {
            match "system"          "IFNET";
            match "type"            "LINK_DOWN";
            match "subsystem" "igb1";
            action "/usr/local/bin/bridgedown";

    then create script /usr/local/bin/bridgedown :

    echo "bridge0 down"
    /sbin/ifconfig bridge0 down

    chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/bridgedown

    then restart / rebooting to implement the new setting..

    but when i unplug the cable of igb1, the script doesn't executed..
    even when i try to execute it manually via shell , it failed to execute..

    /usr/local/bin/bridgedown: Command not found.

    am i missing something?

    i try to make another shell script, but none of them are able to execute..
    does pfsense prevent the execution of individual shell script?

    thank you

  • i already found the problem..
    it is due to i used windows text editor to make the script (CR LF)
    after saving the script file using UNIX (LF only) , the script successfully executed..


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