Webcam FTP Issue

  • I have a webcam the uses ftp to upload images to a file server. I have created to rule for me to view the live image, it works fine. I have also tried to create a rule for the ftp side of things but I don't see an image on the server, using FileZilla. I can see that it creates a folder on the server but the image itself does not show up. I had a friend that knows more than i do about this and he said to him it looks like nothing is blocking it.  Any help would be great! Newbie here learning as I go!

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    What sort of ftp connection is your webcam making to this ftp server active or passive?  It doesn't have any sort of log about the transfer of the image?

    So my guess is its trying to do active connection, where the ftp server would actually connect back to your IP from a source port of 20 to the random port your client said to use.  Yeah this would fail since the ftp helper that use to open those ports went away with 2.2

    There is a ftp helper package you can install that should fix your issue with active ftp connections to ftp servers on the internet since it will fix up the private IP your client is most likely telling the server to connect to and also open up the port required for the server to connect back for the data connection.

    If your client was passive there would be no issue unless you had really locked down your firewall rules since with passive the server tells the client which port to connect to for the data side, and in the default pfsense rules lan is any any outbound.

    So use passive, or use the help package.  Your only issue would be if your trying to use ftps or ftpes where control is encrypted then the helper package would not be able to see what ports or IP to fix up, etc..

  • Well this is a cheap camera i bought off Amazon so it don't have an option to change the type of ftp it uses. My guess it uses active mode. i will look for that package your mentioned. Thanks

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    To be honest that would be a really really bad choice for a "cheap" camera.. Passive would be a much better choice to have less problems with.

    Does the camera have sftp support, this would be a much better option to be honest, its only 1 port normally 22 and its SECURE..

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