Ipsec reroute real IP subnet problem

  • Hello,

    I have created a ipsec tunnel to reroute whole real IP subnet to another site

    Following is my setup

    Site A

    WAN IP:
    LAN IP: 111.222.333.1

    IPsec route rule
    Local Net:
    Remote Net: 111.222.333.0/28

    Site B
    WAN IP:
    LAN IP: 111.222.333.2

    IPSec route rule
    Local Net: 111.222.333.0/28
    Remote Net:

    Every thing is work fine.  My PC behind to Site B with IP 111.222.333.x/28 can be access in/out between Internet.

    Q. Now the question is When I checking the WAN IP of PC at Site B will be use.  The IP shown is which is Site A WAN IP.  How can I using 111.222.333.x/28 IP?


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