Why is pfSense giving DHCP leases on internal network

  • I have a pfSense box sitting between a WAP (.99) and our internal network (.10).  I want the firewall to give out DHCP leases on the wireless side of the network, its LAN side.  Our internal network sits on the WAN interface.  I do not want the pfSense giving leases on .10 network.

    In the DHCP server tab, DHCP is enabled on the .99 but not enabled on the .10.  Also, I have a rule on the WAN (.10) interfacing blocking udp 67 and upp 68.  BUT, it still is giving out .99 leases on the .10.  What am I doing wrong?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    what .99 and what is .10 those seems like host to me.. do you mean 192.168.99/24 and 192.168.10/24 or 10.0.99/24 or 10.0.10/24 ??  Or some other mask?

    There is no reason to try and hide rfc1918 address space.

    Why don't you post up configuration of your interfaces and firewall rules.  I can tell you for sure dhcp server is never enabled during setup, unless you say to set it up on that interface..

    So wan to pfsense is your internal network?  So did you disable nat or still natting into your normal network?

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