2 Wan Connections one Lan Network (Basic Setup)

  • Hi All

    I currently have a VDSL modem (WAN) and a LAN connection on my pfsense PC. I have signed up for "Uncapped LTE" but I would like to use my VDSL modem for our server that downloads only and then have the new LTE modem working for all other devices. How is this possible? Can you describe in simple terms how I can set this up on my pfsense box? I will then have 2 WAN connections on my pfsense box and 1 LAN connection that goes to our local home network with ONLY the server using my VDSL modem ( and the rest of the network using the LTE modem ( Also would it be possible to set up my server ( to use the VDSL modem but one application (Plex home server) to use the LTE modem? Just that LTE has 25x faster upload so I can then stream on a remote network when I am away or someone else can use my Plex library. Is this easy to set up and if you could give instructions (possibly with images) I would be most grateful. Thanks guys and I really look forward to any info you may have. :)

  • With 2 WAN, you will have 2 gateways  :D

    Without any specific set-up, outgoing requests will use gateway defined as "default gateway".
    However, you can still, using "policy routing" option in FW rules, decide to use one specific gateway instead of the default one.

    Which means that you will have to configure, for LAN interface, FW rules covering source / destination and/ or protocol you want to control and specify that for such rule, gateway to be used is not the default one.

  • Ok I think I understand. Would this work for WAN. Will do the same but just for LAN?:

  • Well, I don't really understand you point  ???
    What do you mean with "would this work for WAN?" ?

    When you configure multiple WAN, idea is to rely, for outgoing flow, on FW rule and "policy routing" to:

    • either use default gateway (default option)
    • or use one of your gateway if manually selected
    • or use gateway group (if configured in routing menu) so that you can benefit from either load-balancing or failover

    This works only for outgoing requests from LAN (or whatever internal interface)

    For incoming requests, this is another story depending of what you intend to achieve.
    fail-over? load-balancing?

    Furthermore, there is no gateway to be defined here.

    It will involve public DNS (using round-robin, for instance) or service like reverse proxy or load balancer but I can't tell you more as I don't understand your question.

  • Sorry, I think I am confusing you as I do not know very much. I saw this: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=112350.0

    I am trying to do the same but cannot. Can you simplify the instructions?

  • Theory is quite simple but implementation will require some home work on your side  ;)

    All you need to do is to set-up FW rules for LAN interface  8)

    I'll try to describe these rules, or at least the principle that you will have to adapt to your own situation

    on LAN interface : (assuming you can identify port used by Plex application and assuming this is an out-going communication, which is not yet clear to me)

    rule 1: source =, destination = any, protocol = not "Plex home server", policy routing = VDSL GW
    rule 2: source = LAN, destination = any, protocol = any, policy routing = LTE GW

    This works.
    However, I'm afraid that using your Plex library means that someone from internet accesses your Plex library isn't it?

    In such case, I don't see the point with policy routing because using Plexe library would be incoming flow and not outgoing.

    Can you please clarify this before we drill down ?

  • Hi Chris

    Ok so my plex home server is on port "32400" and is used on the local network and from external locations away from our home. So it will be something to do with outgoing if I am not mistaken. I have now connected the new LTE modem/gateway to my default "WAN" in pfsense and my other VDSL gateway in connected to "WAN2" in pfsense. Currently everything is now running off LTE Gateway but would like the server "" to be using our VDSL Gateway "". I have attached a few pictures to hopefully explain myself. I really appreciate your help with this. Thanks a lot. :)

  • Just to answer your question of my Plex Server, people access my server from external locations. They stream stuff off HDD's in my local LAN network. I hope this explains myself slightly better and again, I really appreciate you help.  :)

  • Wohooo!! I Did it. I cannot believe I did it. It took 2 days but it works just as I wanted it. I set it up as you described it in your last post and it works. Thank you soooooo much.  :) :) :) :) :)

  • Ok so now I have managed to get whole Server PC to use WAN2 and rest of network to use WAN1. Now the question is how to get Plex Server on Server PC to use WAN1 but everything else on Server PC to use WAN2?

  • @User40405:

    Ok so now I have managed to get whole Server PC to use WAN2 and rest of network to use WAN1. Now the question is how to get Plex Server on Server PC to use WAN1 but everything else on Server PC to use WAN2?

    Ypu misunderstand the way this works.
    This is not outgoing communication but incoming.
    In order to ensure that this service (Plex) is used only used on WAN2, you have to configure your external (public) DNS so that access is done only from WAN2.
    There is nothing else to be done  8)

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