Can't port forward nat rule

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm self hosting a proxmox server with a pfsense and a web server, and all behind my box.

    |BOX| –------------------------| proxmox      (pfsense)----------------(web server) |          0.12/24        0.12/24    1.10/24      1.17/24

    I would like to forward ssh traffic (from outside internet)  on port 59113 to web server, to do so i forward incoming traffic on 59113 from my box to pfsense 0.10, i created a nat rule to forward traffic on 59113 from wen to web server (1.17).

    nat rule :

    I also created gateway :

    static route :

    do i need to created a firewall rule  or another route anything else ? is my nat rule correct ?

    Thank for your help, it's for a school project i need to finish for monday :/ .

  • Oh, i tried to insert images but it doesn't :/, i used the "insert image" balise but… nothing... ??

  • That image function is for specifying a URL where you have the images uploaded elsewhere on the web. You put a path on your local machine there. You can just attach it to the post, check the "Attachments and other options" at the bottom when you hit reply.

  • Thanks, you were right.
    I made a mistake with picture, in the gateway and static route, the gateway for network 1.0 is 1.10

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