Hardware for 1gbps/1gbps PPPoe and vlan on wan side? (centurylink gigabit fiber)

  • I've got a gig symmetrical connection right now and want to use pfsense as UTM.  I've already eliminated the Centurylink C2100t box using an Ubiquiti ERPOE-5 Edgerouter. My connection goes through their ONT and comes out tagged vlan201. As far as the edgerouter… aside from it having hardware offload for the PPPoe connection I cant see much upside to continuing the use of it for a firewall.  Browsing these forums for a while now it seems PPPoe is only single thread at this point in pfsense and fails to handle a line speed connection.

    What would I be looking at hardware wise?

    Various Jetway boxes caught my eye as well as some qotom boxes on amazon.

    I have various managed, L# managed and unmanaged switches on my home network, dont use upnp and have firewall rules set on the edgerouter to drop most everything I havent specifically created an exception for.

    I dont have a budget in mind but would like to run 2-4 vpn clients through there at >100mbps.

    My only experience so far with pfsense is running virtually in workstation pro.

    Where does that put me?

    Thank anyone in advance that can help me.

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