Please group pfSense servers into same netblock

  • How come pfsense updates don't resolve to the pfsense support netblock? I always have to add custom rules to the firewall to pick up all the extra IP addresses that pfsense talks to for updates or autoconfigbackup or something! Any way your network engineer can group ALL pfsense servers into the block or something similar? Or a list of aliases for Suricata. Perhaps have pfsense come pre-configured with the included firewall rules? or a package that installs pfSense support rules…

    Thanks for reading my rant, I love this project!

  • The block the support guys use is out of Austin (shared between our office and Austin colocation), the updates and much of the other file hosting is out of NYI in NJ. So no, the same netblock can't be used for both.

    Point taken on support access though, it's something we've talked about making a package or similar to help accommodate. That may be something that comes in the future.

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