Wireless connection, No internet

  • I've been running an SG-2440 for about a year. My Lenovo W550s connects to wireless but has been giving me problems with the wireless, losing the connection and giving a "Connected, No Internet Access" error. No errors when wired. Another W550s has the same wireless connection problem, but my other laptops and various devices don't seem to have a problem with the wifi. When I connect the W550s to an Airport Extreme on the other side of the house, the wifi is strong and consistent. The pfsense is on Ch6 and the Airport on Ch 1, both 802.11n. Pfsense is the DHCP server and the Airport is in Bridge Mode connected via ethernet to the Pfsense. I therefore hypothesize the bridge and firewall rules are setup properly, but perhaps not the wireless configuration? Any ideas? Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Pfsense WLAN Cfg
    IPv4 Cfg Type: None
    IPv6 Cfg Type: None
    Standard: 802.11ng
    802.11g OFDM Protection: Off
    Ch: 11b/g/n - 6
    Regulatory Domain: FCC
    Country: US
    Location: Indoor
    Mode: Access Point
    SSID: <ssid>Min Wireless Conn: 802.11n
    Enable WME: checked
    WPA Mode: WPA2
    WPA Key Mgmt Mode: PSK
    WPA Pairwise: AES
    Strict Key Regeneration: No

    Airport Extreme Wireless Cfg (not as much to configure)
    WPA2 Personal
    WiFi Mode: Create a wireless network


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