Problems having trafic routed to openvpn

  • Hello guys,
    Today I was back to work on my firewall and I made some progress but still not working.
    My layout is.
    ISP router –> pfsense -->LAN

    I have an openvpn that now I can confirm is working.
    I proved that the vpn works because
    from the shell on pfsense box.
    change the "route default" to the one from openvpn and running fetch I've got the confimation that my external ip is located on the UK as it should.
    if I do it with the default route from my provider it sais that I'm in spain. Which is normal and proves that the vpn link is working.

    So my idea is having everthing going through my ips link.
    but anything connected to the UKLAN I want to go to internet through the vpn.
    But as soon I change the gateway setup for UKLAN to the openvpn one. I can't access anything on internet.
    if I set it back to default it works (but I'm not geolocated where I want)

    Any ideas.
    It must be something really simple that I am missing here. at least now I know that the vpn works. that's someting I couln't figureout how to test before.

    Thanks for your help and support.

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