WAN losing IP displays

  • Setup is as follows:

    AT&T GigaPower NVG599 > pfSense 2.3.1_5 > NetGear GS108 Unmanaged switch > Devices

    NVG599 is set to passthrough to pfSense MAC address
    pfSense is grabbing public IP from NVG599
    LAN side of pfSense is

    Renewing IP on client machine grabs IP from pfSense

    Attempt to load a website
    No go
    Connection times out

    Check Gateway status in pfSense
    Status shows Offline
    Status eventually goes to Pending
    When Pending status shows up the start button appears on this page
    Back to dashboard
    WAN shows

    Rebooting pfSense will get the WAN IP address back
    Eventually repeats above behavior

    Immediately after the reboot clients are able to get out very slowly
    Then connections die

    Looking at Firewall logs I noticed that traffic appears that it is getting passed between the LAN to the WAN as I see green checkmarks
    So I feel that pfSense itself is working

    Am I doing something wrong here? Why would pfSense continue to lose the WAN IP?

  • So I was told to either disable Gateyway monitoring or change the monitor IP to something like Googles DNS addresses.

    I disabled Gateway monitoring all together.

    Clients still cannot get online. It seems it may be a DNS issue?

  • I don't think that disabling the gateway monitoring will help.

    I'm having similar problems with a fresh 2.3.1 install - after playing with it for a few hours I think that the problem is related to the WAN DHCP failing to start up after a reboot - the dpinger service will not run and can not be restarted until I manually go to the WAN interface and renew the DHCP request.

    But what's odd is that I restored the system to the older 2.3.1-RELEASE version and, after a reboot with the WAN interface displaying its status up but without an IP address, it manages to discover that  there's an update available.  So the WAN interface must be passing data - a screen capture is attached showing this - an update is available even though the dashboard shows the no WAN connection and NTP failing to update and dpinger is dead.

    This was a fresh install from a USB drive with only the basic configuration questions answered - no other changes to the configuration.  Initially it works until you reboot, then it fails.

  • Based on what I've seen this morning on my system, try setting the firewall WAN interface to force 100base TX Full-Duplex.  If that fixes it check that your WAN cable is really CAT6 capable.

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