Is there a faq or guide for pfsense in limiting windows 10 privacy issues.

  • Hello
    I have used fpsesne before, and it is useful. I used it to improve internet performance in a place i stayed a couple of years ago.
    On my PC, have windows 7.
    Was thinking of the 'free' upgrade to windows 10 but are becoming very weary.
    I like gaming, and eventually most games may use directx 12, so playing them will need windows 10.

    I have been mulling options.
    First. A separate computer with another OS for most things.
    and computer with windows 10 for games only. Maybe a KVM switch also.

    I have another potential plan though.

    My idea was to use fpsense to block everything initially to the windows 10 network port, on the computer with pfsense.
    Internet access through password protected proxy server only, with restrictions on what it can access.
    As for things like steam games & updates, do on a case by case basis in terms of which ports/ip addresses can be accessed. That would be tedious but doable through pfsense.

    I would prefer to use 1 secure computer for everything, with pfsense as a powerful firewall on another machine.

    As for the compulsory updates, do not want that happening so will not  allow it. I will not be using wifi for the windows 10 machine.

    There is  software for saving & restoring hard drive images and intent to make good use of that. My games would be on a different drive from the OS.

    When updating, will reinstall the initial image, then do updates. Make another image backup. Microsoft should  get no info on my browsing or anything else. It was seem I have not used the computer. Then clamp it down again to use the computer. Obviously things like the antivirus would need to be updated also.

    Would this be practical?

    Are there easier & more practical ways of blocking everything micrsosoft is sent other than what you want it to?

    I will not be installing windows 10 for a while.  Sadly it seems to pay to be paranoid when microsoft are involved.

    Any useful pointers are appreciated.


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