Vlan tagging

  • Hi,

    At the moment I am using esxi with a wan and lan interface

    I have just ordered a xclaim xi-3 which will be straight into my hp switch, I was wondering if it would be possible to add some sort of vlan tagging to identify wireless traffic, if so how would i best go about it?

    Thanks very much

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    does your AP support vlans?  Does the hp switch your plugging into support vlans?

  • Hi John,

    Yes they both support vlans, so would it be a cause of given them the same name and the tag should pass from the ap, to the switch through ESXI to pfsense?

    Thanks again

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    So did you set your vswitch in esxi to 4095 so it passes all tags?

    So your connection from the switch to this esxi nic needs to be setup to tag the vlans you want pfsense to use.  Then on the pfsense vnic you would setup the vlans with the matching tags.

    your uplink from your other switch should also be set to tag the vlans to the hp switch.

    You would then setup your ssid with your specific vlans.

    I run 3 different networks on my AP, one is native untagged vlan which is the normal wifi network and the management network of the AP.  And then 2 different ssid have 2 different vlans on them.

    If you draw up how everything is connected we can go over your setup to get your vlans working.  But if your going to run tag vlans to VM on esxi the vswitch going to need to be set for 4095 on the vlan settings.

  • at the moment i have not assigned 4095 to the vlan

    I am currently waiting for the AP to arrive, when I setup the system I used e1000 for the LAN and WAN interfaces, but can change this if necessary

    I will draw a plan of how things are currently wired

    Thanks again

  • hi john

    the ap has arrive and you can assign the ap different vlan numbers (it is set to 1 at the moment)

    at the moment i have a lan and wan port on my pfsense box

    my vm router connects into the wan port on my pfsense box

    and the lan port on the pfsense box goes into my hp gigabit switch

    the switch is just vanilla at the moment and has no vlans setup

    if i change the vswitch on esxi to 4095

    what else should i be looking at changing?

    Thanks very much

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    setting vswitch on esxi just allows it to pass tagged traffic..  You still have to setup the vlans you want on pfsense and your switch and your AP..

    "my vm router connects into the wan port on my pfsense box"

    Huh??  Can you draw up your network..

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