Facebook video straming issue

  • Does anyone having problem with video streaming on fresh installed PFSENSE  i386?  I am having some buffering issue while streaming FB videos,  But youtube videos working smoothly with HD quality.  The FB videos streaming smoothly without PFSENSE. Inviting the suggestion to resolve the issue.

  • By default, PFSense is traffic agnostic. If you have something installed like squid, where it can interfere with traffic, that could cause issues. Another possibility is DNS issues. Your ISP may be redirecting DNS requests to a local CDN while your PFSense setup is just using root servers and getting a regional CDN.

  • I tried with fresh installation. No packages were installed.  How can I redirect the request to local CDN??  Now i am using mikritik router OS and Facebook videos are streaming smoothly.  But I wish to go back to pfsense, if I can solve the FB video streaming issue.

  • That is my problem I use pfsense 2.3.2 and my fb videos not work but YouTube videos working fine any body help me

  • Where have you seen it work?

  • YouTube working fine in my android mobile but Facebook apps video not working with my mobile

  • What does packet capture look like when trying to view a video?

    I don't know anything about Facebook but I'm assuming they're piping the video in over 443.

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