• When creating NAT rules in previous version the NAT IP field (colored in red) would accept hostnames defined as static ip host inthe DHCP server. If i specify a static hostname as defined on the dhcp server page I get an error "Invalid address or host alias". Of note the hostname appears to be correctly entered in the dns forwarder as  it resolves correctly on my network


  • looks like a bug, ticket opened.  http://cvstrac.pfsense.org/tktview?tn=1799

  • cmb - My mistake. do not recall behavior of 1.2. I missed the alias menu item under firewall. If I create an alias for a host it works well. It would be practical when you define a static dhcp lease to have a checkbox (checked by default) to create/edit an associated firewall alias. Otherwise this two lists of IP will easily get out of sync.
    The most common scenario is that if one wants a network server exposed to the wan, you give a static ip, best centrally managed by the dhcp server with a static lease and then forward ports to that ip address. It would only make sense to allow the dhcp static lease interface to create/update the firewall alias list.
    I guess it is not a bug but a feature request at this point.


  • I didn't think it ever did that, but thought maybe you were aware of a feature I wasn't.  :)

    I changed that to a feature request ticket.