Trouble with multi-LAN, single-WAN setup

  • Hi All,

    I've got a fairly simple ipv6 setup but having trouble getting it to work 100%. I am fairly new to ipv6 so perhaps I just missed something.

    • bce0 - 2222:fc00:0:21::10:21c/64 with GW at 2222:fc00:21::1
    • bce1 - 2222:fc00:0:123::10:21c/64
    • bce1_vlan2999 - 2222:fc00:0:127::10:21c/64

    bce0 is the WAN/Internet link, bce1 and bce1_vlan2999 are the "internal" LAN links. Obviously, there are machines on both LANs that need to go to the Internet.

    I have leased all 3 /64 subnets but only the 2222:fc00:0:21::/64 is routed to bce0. I can ask for all 3 to be routed to me if that's the right thing to do.

    When I ssh onto the pfSense router, I can ping6 and access the Internet over ipv6 with no troubles.

    I cannot access the Internet via ipv6 from any of the internal machines on either of those LANs. I can see the ipv6 packets via tcpdump leaving the router on bce0 having the "internal" ipv6 source addresses (e.g. 2222:fc00:0:123::9012:5678:1234) which I suppose is the issue but not sure how to fix it.

    I've got the latest pfSense 2.3.5.

    Note: the ipv6 prefixes and VLAN number were altered for security.

    Any help would be much appreciated, I did spend quite a bit of time googling and searching this forum but have not had much luck.

  • Worked it out, just needed to get my upstream provider to add static routes for those internal LANs to his upstream router.

    2222:fc00:0:123::10:21c/64 via 2222:fc00:0:21::10:21c
    2222:fc00:0:127::10:21c/64 via 2222:fc00:0:21::10:21c

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