DHCPv6 Leases status incorrect

  • Hi there,

    As I am new to IPv6 and pfSense, I am not sure the status of an active static ip LAN client should show as offline. Please see the screen capture.

    Many thanks!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The online/offline indicator only tells you if that IP address is the the firewall's NDP table. Similar to ARP being used to indicate IPv4 online/offline.

    If your client system is not talking to (or through) pfSense using that IPv6 address, it won't be in the NDP table and will show as offline.

  • Jimp,

    Many thanks for your reply. The static IP address client (::210) is in the NDP Table but I am not sure if the client is talking to pfSense. Please see the attached NDP Table.

    Thanks again for your reply!

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