Restored backup from another machine and now it does not boot

  • Hello,
    I have finally bought an amd apu based appliance with pfsense preinstalled.
    I have planned to use to replace another failed pfsense.
    So I have tried to restore the backup on my new appliance. At first reboot it stops booting immediately after "F1" prompt (I have seen it with serial cable obviously).
    What can I do?

    I need at least to restore booting without reinstalling pfsense on the appliance.

    Thank you in advance,

  • Can at least tell me if I can recover the boot or I can tell to pfsense at boot prompt to start from scratch?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That's probably just a bit rate mismatch in the config. After the boot prompt the console is being set to a different rate. The BIOS on the APU is 115200,8,n,1. pfSense (FreeBSD) is probably set to 9600 in the config.

    If you set your serial console to 9600 you will likely get incorrect output during POST but after that it should be sane.

    When you get your system up go into System > Advanced and set the serial speed to match the BIOS (115200).

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