PFSense with Linksys (2) Routers, or Managed Switch ?

  • Hi.

    Can someone please recommend how to incorporate/improve these current
    2 networks to allow the use of PFSense (3 NIC card) ?

    1. Linksys RV042 Router
        Linksys SRW208 Managed Switch–---------------Linksys WAP 200 Access Point 192.168.1.x
                |                                                          |                |                |
        Wired Linux fileserver 192.168.2.x                  Notebook-1    Notebook-2  Notebook-3

    2.  Linksys RV042 Router
        Linksys RV042 Router (Static Routing)------------Linksys WAP 200 Access Point
                |                                                          |                |                |
        Wired Linux fileserver                                  Notebook-1    Notebook-2  Notebook-3

    1. Acces Point wireless & wired file server are on different subnets but need to access each other
    2. VPN access from the outside will be available for 1 client at a time
    3. Security objective is to add redundency in case of breach of wireless, file server will still have
      another layer to get through.

    Thank you much.

  • Not quite sure what you want to do except for using pfSense in your setup.

    Are those two different sites with individual access to the internet on WAN?
    Sounds like a basic 3NICs setup with pfSense.

    WAN to WAN
    LAN to FileServers and
    OPT1 to WAP200

    Where's your specific question/need?

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