Dual Routers Setup

  • Looking at using a Pfsense  box  to help with running open VPN

    Im running a dual router setup now with Tomato running on one to provide openVPN would like to run a PFsense box between the two routers so I can remove tomato and run openVPN on a more powerful processor and firewall/anti virus software is it possible to run the openVPN routing traffic between the two routers bridge or switch mode so one router you can log and be behind the VPN and the other local internet.

    Im just learning basic networking just for home use now living overseas and streaming TV from back home and down loading movies want to add the firewall for a little more security and easy of setup if I move can easily pack up and replace wifi routers easily just plug the pfsense wired between them and have VPN and security firewall I purchased an Apple TV and a synology NAS running Plex so have a small HTPC setup now

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    So what is in front of your router running tomato?  What device do you have tomato running on, I don't believe it has support for gateways, ie modem/router combo so I would assume you have something in front of tomato that it plugs into - so your tomato router gets a public on its wan?

    If so just plug pfsense into where your tomato plugs into.  Reboot that device and then turn on your pfsense box after that box has finished booting up and has sync with your ISP.

  • First router is a Asus 4G-RT-AC65U providing local internet connection and a Asus RT-AC66U flashed with tomato

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