You ever had a switch just up and die on you?

  • I was bashing my head on my desk trying to figure out why my settings weren't working and reverting etc etc.

    I should have given up on the settings after the second failure and replaced then.
    I spent way more time than I should have working with a device I should have determined was defective instead of thinking of these insane technical possibilities.

    Occam's razor….

  • Ain't that the truth.
    When things start looking like "wait it can't work that way!" impossible, it's time to step back to square one and challenge ALL of your assumptions.

    Or the short corollary - If your task seems to be too hard to do, you're probably doing it wrong.  ;)

    Glad you finally got it worked out.

  • Lightning strike nearby a site. Lost more than the switch..

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