Problems IPsec Pre-Shared Key (2.3.1)

  • Hello!

    Do anyone know if the IPsec Pre-Shared Key requirements have changed in this version? My Windows client can no longer connect to the VPN if i use a secure Pre-Shared Key. If i change it to something really simple it works but more advanced key's won't work at all. I'm getting the following in the logs.

    Jul 8 22:49:23  charon  07[IKE] <con1|47>message parsing failed 
    Jul 8 22:49:23  charon  07[ENC] <con1|47>could not decrypt payloads 
    Jul 8 22:49:23  charon  07[ENC] <con1|47>invalid HASH_V1 payload length, decryption failed?

    I don't have any empty spaces in my shared keys.

    Any help and tips is very much appreciated.

    // Stylaren</con1|47></con1|47></con1|47>

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No changes I'm aware of in that area. Can you try some other variations of your "complex" key? Perhaps it's just one certain type of symbol in it that does not work?

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