[RESOLVED] No return traffic, but other end is sending.

  • We're doing an IPSEC tunnel to a Check Point and the tunnel is established and passing traffic up to a point. We see traffic on the check point end both coming and going on the tunnel, but on the pfSense end, we only see traffic going.

    Unfortunately the pfsense box has a 192.168 address for the WAN with a 1:1 NAT. But, as I mentioned, the tunnel is established and passing traffic, so I would think this would be a pfense config issue.

    I have NAT disabled with no rules created, etc. I'm not thinking it would need it. I see nothing in the logs for the return traffic. Packets out on Child SA is hundreds, but Packets IN is 0. I created any/any/any rules on WAN, LAN and IPSEC but no luck. Not sure what else to check.

  • Almost certain the ESP traffic from the Checkpoint side inbound to the pfSense side is getting blocked by whatever device upstream is doing the NAT.

  • Looks like you were right. They did something, probably finally enabled 1:1 NAT, and now it magically works. Thanks

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