IPSec to TP-Link down after 2.3.1p5

  • Hello all!

    After upgrading my PfSense from 2.1.4 to the latest available version I'm running into an error.
    Site A is my PfSense Firewall with public IP.
    Site B is my TP-Link TL-R600VPN behind my Cable Router and I configured static local IP on the TP-Links WAN interface.

    Ports 500 and 4500 are redirected from the cable router directly to this IP of the TP-Link.

    TP-Link and PfSense were working together till the update. I've chosen aggressive mode with SHA-1, AES-256, DH2 and Lifetime 28800 for Phase 1, DPD enabled.
    Phase 2 is nearly the same, but lifetime is 3600.

    I've read about some IPSec errors in 2.3.X.
    However Site C (Pfsense 2.3.1) is working finde.

    Any suggestions?

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