• Bear with me, I just got my SG-2220 last night and I have less than 24 hours experience with pfSense.

    I set up everything and it went very smooth.  SG-2220 > Netgear GS108E v3 switch > WRT1900ACS router for wifi access point.

    All works well.  PFSense =, Wi-Fi AP =

    Set up DDNS with DuckDNS and OpenVPN.  Installed export client… VPN works perfectly.

    However my previous stand alone installation of the DDWRT router had a VLAN set up for a guest network.  That no longer works under my configuration.  No big deal.  I literally have 10 routers in this house.  My intent is to add a 2nd router as a VLAN (

    I configure my switch as such:

    VLAN 1 = ports 1 through 7 untagged
    VLAN 10 = Port 8 tagged

    Plug router into port 8.

    Set VLAN Interface with VLAN tag 10  with parent interface Lan and changed name from OPT2 to VLAN10
    Then added it in the interface assignments

    Then made a firewall rule from VLAN10 to any.

    I can ping from pfsense but I cannot ping when hooked to the wifi network of the VLAN.  No traffic is going through.  That router is set with no DHCP in router mode address,, gw

    I'm stumped.

    For the record I don't really need a guest network at my house however now that I have gone down this path I have to know how to do it for no other reason than I have to know how to do it.  :)

  • Never mind.  I got it.

    I had set ports 7 and 8 on VLAN 10 and the kept plugging computers into those ports after setting up pfSense waiting for it to grab that VLAN IP and it never did.

    That is until I put port 1 in VLAN group 10 and trunked it.

    Plugged my computer into port 8 and pulled the VLAN IP and hooked to the internet.  Then it was just a matter of hooking another access point DD-WRT router.

    I have my home network and a guest network.  I'm beginning to see some future in moving some of my devices over to yet another VLAN.  I have a million Raspberry Pi computers and while they need internet access they probably don't have any business being on the same network as all my files and work stuff.

    Fun stuff.

  • Here's what I did.  Would someone peruse this and tell me if I'm truly segmented between VLAN 10 and 20?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You don't show your firewall rules.  So while you have 2 networks if your rules are any only thing you would be blocking is broadcast traffic.

    You really need to include the pfsense instructions or that little guide you put together is pretty useless.  And you need to be clear what port your connecting to pfsense and why your tagging it.

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