Need to edit [/var]/etc/dhcpclient.conf

  • Hi,

    my dhcp problem (as mentioned in the multi-wan section of this board) still goes on…

    I tried to add in the opt2 and dc0 dhclient.conf file in /var/etc some stuff like this

    request subnet-mask, broadcast-address;
    supersede domain-name-servers my-dns, routers mygateway; 

    since I don't know if my syntax I wanted to do some testing but as '/var' is suggesting to me /var is only temporarily and not permanent, so after
    a reboot or even after a dhcp release/renew  /var/etc/dhclient_opt2.conf  is defaulted to the standards…

    Where do the dhclient conf files come from? Could I edit them somewhere else? (inteface specific?)

    Thanks  a lot!

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