Best CPU for pfsense for my usage? How many NICs onboard are needed?

  • Hi,

    am seeking advice on the best CPU for current and expected changes to PFsense (mainly in relation to encryption).
    Also, the hardware config for number of NIC's.

    I have a couple of choices with micro PC's I am looking at:

    Celeron (J1900 and 3215U) in a product like this:
    Neither has AES as far as I am aware … so on that basis the J1900 would be better?

    Also, I have the Atom in something like the Netgate:
    This has Intel Quick Assist.... not sure how that will impact me.

    My current hardware arrangement:
    1. WAN connection 100/2.4
    2. LAN: 1Gbe to all devices with Wireless AC.
    Connectivity: Modem-Router-Switch-User_Devices.

    Current router is Asus RT-AC 68U which will become WAP if I build a dedicated router.

    Usage scenario:

    1. VPN (likely Open VPN 128), Adblocking, Firewall operating off Router.
    Max throughput is a priority.

    I want only some devices to use the VPN so not sure if I need VLANS's or to use multiple NICs at the router, or just configure pfsense on a per IP basis (don't know enough about this part). I do want all devices to see each other on the LAN though for media, file sharing and printing.

    Advice on how best to do this? (please add if this will affect LAN by requiring router to manage traffic vs just the switch).

    If I only need 2 NIC's to do what I want with the router then my options open up regarding the CPU type so I'd appreciate knowing which is likely to provide the best WAN and general performance with low power requirements.

    Cheers :).

  • PC Engines APU2C4 (bundle) would be my 1st choice
    Jetway NF9HG-2930 (self made) would be my 3rd choice
    pfSense SG-2440 (bundle) would be my 2nd choice
    Supermicro A1SRi-2358/2558/2758 last but powerful and more at the cost

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